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Esoteric Alchemy Series

• Size. H: 2m x W: 2m x D: 4cm

• Cotton Canvas

• Blind-rammer [Nordisk Fyrtræ] Jydsk Ramme

[ Stretcher Bars for Canvas]

• Canvas sides painted

• Artwork varnished with Universal Firnis

• Original Certificate of Authenticity

Brief Introduction:

Through written history we can trace back threads of Esoteric-Alchemy from the ancient Khemetic cultures in Egypt, but it is my belief that the Esoteric Arts have been on the Earth and with civilization for as long as there have been humans here. In each being there is a spark of the divine essence that exists. Over many incarnations, this spark grows in intensity and brilliance, and at a certain point in its evolution, seeks to reconnect with its source.

The relationship between how Consciousness ‘shifts’ Matter in Nature and Art using our own free - will in the evolutionary process in order to ascend to the Golden state of Enlightenment is what constitutes spiritual Alchemy.

Transportation and delivery: Delivery of the Artworks from Studio to Client is guaranteed within a time frame of 2-5 days depending on the location of the purchaser.

Due to the size of this particular category ie: 2m x 2m x 4cm, communication with the Artist is paramount between Purchaser and Artist in making the accurate choice of transportation and delivery of the Art work to its final destination.

Esoteric Alchemy Series

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