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Acrylics on Canvas - billede 1

Acrylics on Canvas

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Size. H: 95cm x W: 95cm

Material. Acrylics double layered with an oil based background on recycled canvas.

The Artwork has several different layers of paint beneath the surface which creates a textural effect in total outlook.

Inspiration. Traditional Afrikan ceremonial masks. Masks are both idea and form representing ancestral connections and spirits during rituals and ceremonies. Masks are a physical mechanism used in initiation of transformation where the wearer takes on a new entity to have influence on the spirits to which the appeal and offerings are made.

The wearer of the mask during ceremonies / rituals is conceptually transformed into a spiritual being. The mask wearer`s identity is concealed in ritual costume during the transformation accompanied spiritual music and dance.

The Mask wearer becomes a medium for dialogue between the community and the spirit world.

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