Delivery 2 -5 days Shipping 50 DKK

Mixed medium on Canvas

• no framing needed

• sides painted

• Artwork varnished with universal firnis

• Original Certificate of Authenticity

Transportation and delivery: Delivery / Transportation of the Artworks from Studio to Client is guaranteed within a time frame of 2 days to 5 days depending on the location of the purchaser. Kindly note that communication with Artist is vital, so that the Artist may choose a mode of delivery to the Client that is quicker, efficient and secure to ensure that the Artwork is delivered in a good time without any accruing time wastage and or damage during transportation. Exceptions in delivery can be made in delivery to København - Dk, where by the Artist may personally deliver the work of Art under this category.

For any other location areas, the Artist will engage with a certified delivery transportation company to securely deliver the Work of Art to the client.

Mixed medium on Canvas - image
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